The Eat India Company
The truth well told. The taste well served.
‘ The Eat India Company’ needed to establish itself as a brand to be reckoned with, across all touch points. The logo we designed depicted a confluence of food and knowledge with required sophistication, giving it a unique brand identity and image. Strong visuals with a clean design broke the clutter to reinforce the brand concept. A successful birth of knowledge-based food service brand.
Targeted at today’s Indian – well travelled, well-read, adventurous, curious, sensitive. An urban food connoisseur who deserves to get the best-of-the-world food experience on a single platter.
 The exclusive service with a strong knowledge base needed a powerful visual identity to help it become a respected, recognised and upmarket brand experience across touch-points and business extensions.  


The approach was to tie the ‘pragmatic’ knowledge element with the ‘passionate’ subject of food; albeit with a dash of wit. A business conceptualized targeting at the millennial modern Indian, was crafted with a clean design with most common global visual connect (applicable across cuisines and cultures). Presenting the universal kitchen aspect through a chopping board; it is a warm, tangible expression that can translate well into various collaterals at eateries, expos, events, TV Shows etc.
 The extended visual language and style-guide helped tie-in the varying services and offerings of the brand harmoniously with its unique taste. This experience-forward approach also enabled the brand team to visualise their brand’s journey with more clarity and reinforce the brand identity across the entire life cycle. 

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