International Pears
Re-enforcing the benefits for new generation audience through ingredients
A brand with iconic heritage of over 100 years and strong Glycerine credentials was facing challenge to attract new generation audience. The admiration, respect for the brand was there however choosing the same by the younger audience was not happening even though the brand had introduced 3 additional variants for each format in the portfolio.
The solution was required for international markets including India.


Keeping an approach aligned to the simplistic lean design language of the brand, TNP explored several ways in which the ingredients can be brought to life on packs visually. Also respecting the owned ‘transparency’ aspect of Pears, the design solutions with rigorous prototyping demonstrated various ways in which the solution can be achieved.
There was also a support of communication at PoS incorporated along with the pack graphic enhancement. Upfront, honest and simple depictions did work with the audience and helped Pears move in to their consideration set.



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