HUL – Vim Weekly Dispenser
Designing a highly desirable GT PoS dispenser for Vim
Vim has a strong equity in dish wash category in India with key proposition of ‘power of 100 lemons’ and hence effective anti-grease solution .It Leads the category across country but have to fight battle with brands like Pril as well as number of local players such as Exo, Expert, Odopic, Patanjali and many more. In order to upgrade the consumers to liquids and increase penetration the current big-nose trial packs need to be pushed at General Trade (GT)
Usually in GT the shop keepers save the near-counter area for impulse purchase and edible productsAlthough this is a very good opportunity to push Vim. Considering its SKU priced at Rs 10 with promise of dish washing for entire week. And here is the challenge to entice the shopkeepers to do so by a PoS solution that stands beneficial to them besides working for Vim SKUs.


We visited variety of General Trade shops in Mumbai and other few cities such as Pune and Nasik to observe the scenario. Spoke to the shop owners wherever possible. This was to find a common need/pain point if they have and that Vim dispenser can address it.
After speaking to shop owners and understanding the space issues they have to deal with, it was imperative for us to design ‘VIM brand’ solution that infuses utility so that shop owners would keep VIM dispensers over the counter instead of some dark corner of their shop. Such an approach also ensures much needed visibility to the brand. Our unique solution got much appreciation from the brand team.


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