HUL – Vaseline
A unique skin dryness testing devise for shoppers
While the key message of brand is always about the healing power, the team in India was facing a challenge of cutting the distance from their ATL communication and shopping moment. Also it was observed by them that mostly shoppers were not associating with the benefit strong enough at the point of purchase.
The key objective therefore was to bring them a proof of their necessity and Vaseline as the best solution to induce purchase.


The solution given was a small scratch-test devise that not only can be kept on shelves but also can be mass distributed through print media along with the ATL communication. A ‘scratch pen’ with a single use miniature bottle (blister) placed with brand message.
It is a sweet-spot balancing tamper-proof packaging, small dose delivery, compactness, desirability and message with proof to choose Vaseline.


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