HUL – Denim
Revival of an Iconic alpha-male brand for Indian Market
Founded in 1976 as a male brand Denim made a mark with its distinct and long lasting fragrance. The brand first launched its signature Aftershave and Deodorant Body Spray in three variants – Original, Black & Musk. Today, Denim boasts a complete personal care line, ranging from fragrances to shaving products, designed to empower men who feel most comfortable in their own skin.
The challenge was to give its iconic identity a new edge; to uplift the perception of the brand with a contemporary expression and statement.

Our design process was inspired by the idea of ‘living the best in moment’, and hence creating a notable difference. Riding on evolved codes of masculinity, as well as the influences in recent times, the familiar ‘metallic button’ was rendered in much contemporary manner. Newer masculine hues of neutral ‘charcoal Grey’, Brushed Copper sheen, stark luminescent colours were explored.
We devised a ‘pocketed arrow’; a fusion of male symbol element and one of the key elements of Denim wear. Proposed designs managed to capture evolved blend of masculinity and creative flair in men. Lean yet capable, stylised yet sober, the designs gave much-required attributes to speak with modern day Indian youth.

To make a mark in cluttered shelves, we also proposed easy add-ons. These ideas were highly economical smart solutions to land new news and also bring in bit of flexibility as can print and making technology is restrictive. The add-ons also aided organised arrangement for the cans on shelves taking care of the overall brand appearance.


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