A ‘ticket’ to responsible partying!
‘Endizz.’ wanted to be the brand to get into consumers’ mind before they started drinking. With a packaging that could work equally well in pharmacy and wine shops! Using subtle humour, wacky cartoons and vibrant colours, we came up with a campaign that stood out from the rest; with fun packaging that involved user interaction. Helping ‘end’ hangovers.
‘EnDizz.’ is a first of its kind product in the Indian market for preventing hangovers. The challenge was to create a brand that would be powerful enough to get into the minds of the consumers ‘before’ they consumed any alcohol.
Another twist to the story was the point of sale being pharmacy and wine shops, the packaging had to work effectively in extremely dissimilar lighting conditions! To top it all, the design had to connect well with a wide range of age groups. 


We began with a party all night! The interaction helped in understanding the real mind-set of the average millenial drinker. Very often drinking sessions are moments of catching up with loved ones, and therefore eagerly anticipated times for the drinker. We accordingly used subtle humour and portrayed ‘EnDizz.’ as a companion with a ‘go for it!’ attitude.
TEach vibrant sachet depicts the fun associated with a get-together with your friends. The wittily framed wacky statements invited the drinker to consume ‘EnDizz.’ before a drinking session to ensure fresh mornings with no hangovers. The cartons enabled user involvement with space to add their own notes. Helping ‘Endizz.’ become a permanent fixture in their lives. EnDizz. Go for it!


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