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Soul searching for BRÜHM; and making sure its audience enjoy the liveliness of it in real
BRÜHM, a well-accepted OEM Electronics name in African markets (Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, Zambia) was growing. While some part of its brand-mix was functioning properly, owners feeling was it lacks ‘soul’, which is must for it to grow further as the most preferred brand.
The challenge was to define a promising soul that the brand could live to connect with both internal and external audience. Since, the brand operated in African markets, another challenge was to gather correct insights from these markets for strategising the core of the brand.


Starting with in-depth investigation touching the end-users, admirers, adopters, lapsers as well as local teams managing operations, activation etc. we derived several crucial aspects about the brand experience as well as perception. Inclusive, affectionate feeling rooting out from African family system resonated well with our findings. The soul of Brand therefore was defined balancing between the pride of family and its assured precise performance.
What’s next, instead of standard brand asset application guidelines, we devised detailed ‘brand personality guidelines’. These brought to surface the unmistakable image and persona of BRÜHM to its stakeholders. Well, did the story ended there..? No. Seeing the reality of remote operations between management and local teams, implementation was much more important to ensure delivery of the enlivened BRÜHM in real world. And to make sure of this, we devised additional, first of its kind ‘Operational-Guidelines’ as well. So this made the brand story get its ‘happy new beginning’.


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