Brand Language
Bespoke Property Consultant
Carving an exquisite image of a real estate player - ‘Bespoke Property’
 Bespoke property consultants, a property consultant dealing in premium properties in India, UK, USA and Srilanka wanted to make its presence felt in the real estate sector around the globe.
 Catering clients that are world travellers and living an uber modern lifestyle, the company wanted to create its corporate Identity along with its stationery and website and wanted to build a brand that would label them into an ‘Exorbitant’ category in the Real Estate Market.


 While Bespoke Property Consultants had a clear vision of targeting the elite class they needed advice and help in translating that into a more powerful brand identity and communication. We began by articulating ‘Classy’ and ‘Premium’ into our initial concept.  
We created an Identity that reflected the vision of Bespoke of being a ‘Contemporary Premium’ real estate consultant and also through design mirrored its profoundness in real estate sector. We further expanded this touch point into their website.