Callebaut Pattisier of the Year
An inspirational event for chefs with Indian take on the global legacy
Callebaut wanted to extend its legacy to India by organising a ‘Callebaut Patissier of the year’ event which is a successful platform engaging professional pastry chefs across globe. It has become a pride point for them to participate and earn the title.
It was important to carry forward the same aura, depth and legacy in India in its inaugural year which would set the tone for coming years.

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 TNP devised various elements as overall branding mix including its logo. To connect chefs emotionally it has the ‘Chef Cap’ in the unit which is their pride factor. Theme of the contest was translated into a Indian visual hook to inspire and direct the chefs to create a ‘showpiece’ that reflects ‘the heritage of great taste’.  
The entire event branding, from initial conception to execution brought together clear purpose and Indian edge. The approach effectively helped the brand to open a new arena for potential Indian market. The much needed stance for the leader while the competition is warming up here.
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