Barry Callebaut – Academy and office interior branding
An inspirational brand experience for upcoming professional pastry chefs
While the subject of Chocolate and Patisserie remains ever-delighting, the challenge was to enliven the academy space for high-level professionals. The objective was to introduce international flavour of the academy and let the hero brands speak through and motivate the candidates not just by brand influence but with positive state of mind.
 The place speaks a creative fusion of pride of origin, quality and authenticity exuded by ‘Cacao Barry’; and the way ‘Callebaut’ celebrates hands-on creativity, artistry with elegance. The controlled use of subtle humour, sayings along with informative ‘Beanology’, company heritage, stringent R&D process etc. opened up seekers minds. Blend of Brand dialogues
Celebration of ‘artisan’ literally and figuratively through atelier design style Upholding human element as the creator Food-grade expression 
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