Arjun Kamath Website and Identity
A personified web experience that projects multi-talented Indian photographer like no other
Arjun Kamath, a highly qualified, upcoming but widely acclaimed talent in the field of film and photography wanted to begin his professional inning in India. Entering through a highly in-demand market of wedding photography.
For him, this was the only route to stand independently earning substantial financial strength. Hence a clear brief for us of devising a robust website to target the wedding market.


For us Arjun as a whole have multifaceted talent. Profound academic background through a world acclaimed film institute and a vision to touch new horizons. The challenge here was to build a perfect portrayal of Arjun. Showcase his all talents that attracts industry pros as well as clientele from generic audience. To address his immediate requirement of helping him achieve financial strength but more importantly not to let his talent get diluted with singular expertise of Wedding photography.
We devised two-fold solution to Arjun. A visual identity and detailed website elaborately showcasing every aspect of his talent. A unique visual signature depicting the depth of AK’s thought and substance; his ability to script a story. A dynamically spiralling film transforming into a pen… passionate and profound visual experience. A Relax yet bold stance of letter-forms exhibits modernity and elegance.


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